Tenant Welcome Package

Nothing welcomes your tenants like a care package full of essentials.
The perfect bundle of items to present to your tenants.
Make tenants feel special with necessities to care for the property.

Tell us when and where; RENPACT will do the rest.

Whats Included in the package?

Kitchen Cleaning


Food Storage


Felt Floor


Kitchen Cutting


Tenant Welcome Package

Say Welcome Home & Protect the Property! Our company provides Property Managers, Landlords, & Owners Welcome Packages direct to their tenant’s door. Saving time and money!


See why it makes a huge difference

Why Choose Us?

Our company provides property managers, landlords, & owners welcome
packages direct to their tenant's door. Saving time and money!

Say Thank you and
protect your property!

We aim to make the rental
experience better for all parties!

We’re dedicated to bringing
convenience to our clients!

What Property Managers are saying!

“My new renter loved it, very well put together. Great product for housewarming and protects my rental property”

James Robert

New Orleans Property Manager

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