Rental Property Amenities

Welcome Your Tenants with Persuasive Amenities Renters Can’t Resist

Besides typical Metrics tenants look for in a new rental property, nothing persuades the decision like Amenities. Amenities rank just as high as character when it comes to choosing a place to call home. With a sea of competition Landlords have to find ways to differentiate from the pack.

With 47 million rental units in the US and growing, It’s hard not to see that it’s important to stand out. The Renpact Team has identified 6 groups of amenities that are sure to help your rental be on top.

1 Outdoor Space Amenities

Barbeque Grilling Area

Patio or Balcony

Green Space

Bike Storage Locker

2 Tech and Safety with Security Amenities

Security Systems

Cable and Satellite TV

Hi Speed Internet and WIFI

USB Charger Outlets

APP Door Locks

3 Built In Amenities

Dog Wash Installation

Amazon Lock Boxes

Mini Bar

Laundry Folding Area

Fitness Area

Office Center

Covered Parking

4 Appliance Amenities

Air Conditioner


Wine Cooler

Garbage Disposal


5 Energy Efficiency Amenities

Energy Efficient Windows

Solar Panel Systems


Saving On Energy Bills

Tax Credits

6 Welcome Package Amenities

Consolidated Information Packets

  • Local Attractions
  • Payment Instructions
  • Utility Details
  • Emergency Details
  • Local School Information

Information of Easy Online Payment Services

Tenant Welcome Package

Implement some of these killer amenities into your rental properties even if only a little at a time.

  • Increase Demand
  • Extend Occupancy

Don’t forget to collect, tenants expect rent increases industry wide. Amenities will only solidify their decision to stay.

Don’t forget to point out amenities in your marketing.

Show your renters that you care for your property and want them to feel at home.

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